Sikkim Tour Packages

Best Sikkim Tour Packages

Perched beautifully in the Eastern Himalayas is the beautiful state of Sikkim which is second smallest in terms of size but not in terms of beauty as well. Why Sikkim tour packages ? Abundant with natural treasure, Sikkim has been listed as one of the Global destinations that you must visit atleast once in your lifetime. The mountainous peaks, rivers, glacial lakes, hot springs and green valley are too beautiful a deal to miss out. Bordered by Nepal, Bhutan and China, Sikkim is a charming place and a hidden treasure of incredible India.

This beautiful state is enriched with flora and fauna, monasteries and rivers which are what makes Sikkim a unique adventure. It is also home to several cultures that exist in total harmony. You could also explore its ancient heritage and be part of their festivals that display their rich cultural variety. It is not just sightseeing that our Sikkim tour packages have to offer to you. We want you to explore the villages and understand their culture. You must have some stories to tell after you return and not just souvenirs to display to others.

Sikkim is blessed with beautiful locations on all its directions and is divided into 4 districts, North, South, East and West. Each one of them has their own richness and landmarks, making Sikkim a magnetic location for the Global tourists. Our Sikkim tour packages are packed in adventure and thrills, which are some unexpected pleasures.