Darjeeling Tour Packages

Best Darjeeling Tour Packages

Darjeeling is purely the Queen of hills which still holds its position as one of the most magnetic summer destinations in the world. You might think that Darjeeling Tour Packages only involves Kanchenjunga and Darjeeling Tea but there is much more to it than you would have ever imagined. The Colonial landmarks, the narrow Rail lines, Toy train and Sunrise views are just few of the most popular attractions in Darjeeling. Tourists who come here find solace and also find themselves within this paradise. Be it solo trip or group tour, Darjeeling shall always rank high among the list of places that you must visit.

As the journey begins from the gateway of Siliguri, the cool breeze begins to enter you, soothing you from within. The foggy roads, the clouded mountain tops, the monks clothed in their colors and the changing weather are what you shall be welcomed with. The steep gets colder and it also feels better as you head up towards the Queen of Hills. You may also be lucky enough to witness a toy train pass you by. So Darjeeling tour packages is packed with lots and lots of adventure which should give you and your family or group the time of your life.

So are you already thrilled with the kind of vacation that you shall be experiencing? Darjeeling does excite tourist of all ages and of all taste nomatter where they are from. You must be planning about it now and we will be more than happy to be part of your story by providing you the most budget Darjeeling tour packages available anywhere else. Let’s plan your dream travel.