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Sajal Samanta

Sajal Samanta, 27/09/2018

I took the Northeast tour and I’m amazed at what I have been able to see and feel. Really amazing trip.

  • Kolkata, West Bengal
Suvendy Chatterjee

Suvendy Chatterjee, 27/09/2018

Planned a trip with my elderly friends above 60 and thank you such a ease travel experience, until next time.

  • Kolkata, West Bengal
Viaml Sinha

Viaml Sinha, 27/09/2018

Nepal has recovered from the cruel disaster and we really had a great time, we are lucky it was through you, Nepal Vision.

  • Mumbai, India
Priya Pushkar

Priya Pushkar, 27/09/2018

Exotic travel experience from Mumbai to the best destinations of Darjeeling and Sikkim together. It was a great deal.

  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
Shilajit Acharjee

Shilajit Acharjee, 27/09/2018

Travel is a memory collection and my honeymoon to Pokhara was a great packages that we have bought back with us.

  • Mumbai, India

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