We also offer travel services which accommodates large groups and is planned in advance. We also have experience team of control department who are capable of handling the services at all stages. Proper planning is a must and we do prepare everything beforehand so that all you can do is travel.


We offer leisure tour services to our clients with great pleasure. We understand your travel needs and make preparations to provide leisure trips each and every time you render our services. Our experience is our guidebook that helps us plan your trip better.

Film Shooting

We provide the best of destinations and can take care of the whole shooting unit and arrange their stay in the best of places. We leave no stones unturned when it comes to your satisfaction. We have helped projects in the past and still do.

Pilgrims Tour

We have a numerous religious sites that are of great importance to various religious believers. We provide excellent services so that your pilgrim tour is under our guidance and is completely at ease. It shall all be pre booked so that you can focus on your prayers.

Adventure tour

Our tour packages are filled with great adventure options that are designed to give you a thrilling experience that is going to stay forever with you. Customized adventure options can be discussed with our expert travel planners too. Do what others are afraid of trying.


Trekking is one of the hot favorite among the tourists and when you reach the hilltop one can see the awesome scenic hill beauties. We conduct activities like overnight camping, night trekking, nature walk, bird’s watching, sightseeing. We have experienced trekking team who takes care of all the safety measures.


Rafting is one of the adventurous river sports which many people enjoy as the thrill of moving with waves gives an adrenaline rush and will make you love the sport. There are various destinations where you can try rafting under experts.


Most people enjoy paragliding as it gives a thrill of diving like a bird. One can have the bird’s eye view of the nature from our paragliding service. The thrill of flying like a bird gives immense joy to any of the tourist.

Jungle Tours

Jungle tours offer fantastic and adventurous trip for any holiday enjoyer as the trip to any jungle is exciting and is very entertaining. We also have guides who can assist you with the best of tours so that you are safe at all times.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the adventurous sports which is very popular amongst the youngsters. This sport attracts many tourists and is one of the most engaging activity that our visitors always try to experience.

Biking Tour

Take a adventurous bike tour to the best of places in among the best of destinations. We have great offers just for you so that your adventure ride becomes the best that you truly deserve.

Cycling Tour

The locations that we deal in are known for their naturally beautiful natural trails that are made by the grace of nature where you can just have a cycle ride among the beautiful surroundings of nature and beauty.

Village Tourism

Rejoice to the beautiful village scenery and the exotic local atmosphere that is really absent in the big city life. Just discover the serene and peace here. You can also discover more about the culture of the people here and their traditions.