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Northeast Overview

Within India, Northeast is one of the most beautiful regions of India which isn’t so popular with the tourist. The seven states it comprises of are also known as Seven Sisters and the sisters are really beautiful and unique among themselves. It doesn’t matter if you never heard much about the Northeast and its amazing places; you could plan a visit now, to be the first to enlighten others about the aspects of Northeast that needs to be explored.

General Facts

AREA 262,230 km²
POPULATION 45,772,188

Places to Visit


The beautiful capital of Assam has everything in it to be one of the most wonderful destinations of the Northeast. Glittering by the Brahmaputra there are many interesting affairs to be taken care of while here. Try out the best of everything here and also have a unqiue taste of local cuisines and heritage here. It is also the gateway to most Northeast destinations and other states besides Assam.


Also known as Scotland of the east, it is a hills station that is beautiful throughout. While you take the roads to Shillong, you are able to see the beautiful and diverse surroundings that are evident here. The capital of Meghalaya is also paradise and also has great nightlife and sightseeing options. Get out and hit the streets and meet some coolest people that are in plenty here.


Almost an hour drive from Shillong, it was once the most annual rainfall receiving place that is still covered in clouds so while you visit an umbrella is a must. There are few amazing museum like the Airforece museum while you are on your way to Cherrapunji and there are also some amazing caves that can be checked out.


It is one of the most acclaimed reserve or National Park within the Northeast. Situated in the foothills of the Brahmaputra River, its dense forest are inclusive of some unique animals like tigers, elephants and the largest population of one horned Rhinos. You also can find many migratory birds, dolphins and hornbills here. It is really a huge deal to miss out so add it to your checklist now.

Loktak Lake

This picturesque floating wonder is one of the major attractions of the Northeast which is still not popular as it should be. Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the region and is popular for the floating phumdis or island like structures. It is in the state of Manipur and is really a one of a kind place that is rare and must be visited.

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