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Nepal Overview

When you travel to Nepal you would be amazed to find many travelers from abroad who have been in Nepal for over a month. They travel to Nepal and are amazed at its wonders, cultures, heritage and other aspects which create the much needed excitement. It was the first Hindu Country which meant their primary engaging religion would be Hinduism. Though the much recent devastating earthquake damaged many heritage sites, many of them have been restored. Their travel slogan states ‘Once is not enough’ and you know why, only after you visit Nepal.

General Facts

AREA 147,181 km²
POPULATION 28,982,771

Places to Visit


The capital of Katmandu is a great destination for independent travelers who want to travel without much restrictions or complications. It has surely become a hub of tourist activities in Nepal and is also home to various sightseeing that are scattered across.


It is actually the third largest city in Nepal and is located just next to the Bagmati River. It is also a regularly engaging city in Nepal which also has a Durbar Square of its own with Palaces, temples and statues. The Durbar is an amazing place to explore and can be reached after few minute walk from Ring Road.


It is the second largest city inside Nepal and is pretty much beautiful and engaging. The Phewa Lake is the most attractive location inside Pokhara and Pokhara is also the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit, a trait that leads towards the Himalayas. Pokhara is also home to many temples and old structures.


It is probably an ancient city which lies about 12 km from the capital of Katmandu. It was also one of the capitals of Nepal in around the Fifteenth century and is renowned for its culture, temples and craft work. It is home to many ancient architecture and artifacts that can be seen at few selected places in Bhaktapur.

Chitwan National Park

It was the first National Park of Nepal which gained its status in 1973 and is a popular place present in the Terai region of Nepal. It is greatly diverse and is also home to many mammals along with one horned Rhino and Bengal Tigers. Coming here could be a decision that you would never regret and it also has the Balmiki Ashram, a Hindu pilgrimage site.

Nepal Photos

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