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Dooars Overview

It is actually a 30 km wide and 350 km stretch of alluvial plains that stretch from West Bengal to Assam. The altitude of Dooars ranges amazingly from 90m to 1,750 m. It is also home to innumerable streams and rivers that flow through these fertile plains and makes the area much more beautiful. The wilderness is one of the most engaging aspects of these areas and is home to various Natural parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. If you live being close to nature and are wildlife enthusiast you must definitely travel here for a great retreat.

General Facts

AREA 880 km² (340 sq mi)
ALTITUDE 90 to 1,750 m.

Places to Visit

Gorumara National Park

It is one of the best protected areas under the Ministry of Environment and Forest and was awarded in the year 2009. Established in the year 1992 the park is a very popular destination and is home to several flora and fauna and the natural vegetation is so thick here that it gets hard for the sunlight to barely reach the ground.


It is one of the wildest places to visit in the whole area of Dooars. The area is pristine and in the most natural form which makes it more unique. Be prepared for a really wild experience here and do not forget to bring your cameras to capture the best scenes that you may come across here. It is also really near to Gorumara, Champramari and Buxa which can be visited next.


It is an offbeat destination at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas which deserves your attention. It has green lush tea gardens and offers splendid views that are basically unique in Dooars area. It has been gaining huge tourist activities in the recent times and the view of the tea pickers in the tea garden is a beautiful scene that must be witnessed when here.

Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary

Divided by the Murti river, the wildlife sanctuary is actually a part of the Gorumara National park. It is one of the most beautiful national park within Dooars and is bounded by the Murti River on the west and the Jaldhaka River on the east. It is around 10 km/sq in area but is a really old forest recognized as a forest reserve in the year 1895.


It is home to some of the best tea gardens within the Dooars and is beautiful throughout its length and breadth. It is a natural paradise where small streams, natural forests, tea gardens are all present to sum up into a beautiful place. Samsing starts from the place where the Neora Valley reaches the plain. It is a perfect peaceful destination where you are sure to find your soul.

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