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Bhutan is an epitome of beauty landlocked perfectly within its beautiful natural wonders that are a myth in today’s modern countries. Bhutan is a sovereign nation sharing its borders with India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. The excitement of tour to Bhutan from India is a great experience which shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Nepal vision provides you with Bhutan budget tour Package from Siliguri, Bhutan tour packages from Mumbai. Our Bhutan vacation packages cover Sightseeing, transportation, luxurious accommodation on budget and breakfast.

What is Not Included in Our Bhutan Tour Package From Siliguri

  • Personal purchase of things and souvenirs.
  • Entrance Fee in Monuments and Temples in Bhutan.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Taxes increased by state government and central government of India.

Note: If you cancel your Bhutan tour pacakge from Siliguri, from Mumbai or from any parts of India then a minimum service charge will be applicable.

Why Sliguri After You Book Bhutan Vacation Packages with Us

Siliguri is of the most important city of West Bengal and is also quite near to Bhutan’s geographical boundaries and Indian borders to Bhutan, It is one of the main getaways to Bhutan, As there is no facility of a Direct Train to Bhutan and the shortest route will the road from Siliguri to Bhutan.

1. The Shortest Road from Siliguri to Bhutan through the Samtse road (100 kms approx):

  • Siliguri
  • Sevoke
  • Coronation Bridge
  • Washabari
  • Bagrakote
  • Oodlabari
  • Damdim
  • Chalsa
  • Nagrakata
  • Samtse

2. The Second route from Siliguri to Bhutan through Gomtu route (120 kms approx):

  • Siliguri
  • Dabgram
  • Ambari
  • Belakoba
  • Jalpaiguri
  • Maynaguri
  • Dhupguri
  • Gairkata
  • Birpara
  • Gomtu

3. The Third route from Siliguri to Bhutan till Bhutan Gate, Phuentoshling (150 kms approx):

  • Siliguri
  • Dabgram
  • Ambari
  • Belakoba
  • Jalpaiguri
  • Maynaguri
  • Dhupguri
  • Gairkata
  • Birpara
  • Madarihat
  • Hasimara
  • Phuentoshling

The Tourism council of Bhutan has exempted Indian Nationals from certain Royalties or Govt. fees which makes Bhutan tour packages from India, a great deal which cannot be missed. We have tailored Bhutan vacation packages at affordable rates for families and couples too.

So what are you waiting for book any one of the Bhutan tour package from Siliguri, or from Mumbai the list mentioned below and experience the land of happiness. Our Bhutan tour packages can be customized to suit preferences as well as budget. Connect with us

Blissful Bhutan Tour

06 Nights / 07 Days

Gorgeous Bhutan Tour

06 Nights / 07 Days

Paradise Bhutan Tour

07 Nights / 08 Days

Nepal Vision: Everything about Bhutan

Visiting the happiest country in the world is a religious experience in itself. Bhutan is known as a country that puts importance to its Gross National Happiness over economic profits that is why travellers keep on going there. 

Nepal Vision offers tour packages that will give you the chance to know more about the marvels of this country. A lot of people are intrigued by the mystery and uniqueness of their culture and lifestyle. To be honest, people can learn a lot of things from the Bhutanese about life and being happy. 

Things to do and places to visit in Bhutan

There is no place in the world that is quite like Bhutan. Get to know the rich culture and the friendly locals when you visit these popular places in the country:

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Trek to one of the most iconic places in Bhutan! This beautiful temple was built at the side of a steep cliff wall in the Paro Valley and hiking atop it is an adventure in itself. Locals believe that this place was chosen by a tigress when she brought a famous guru to subdue a local demon during the ancient Bhutan times. 

The place is already breathtaking on its own but when you look down, the amazing view of the Bhutan plains will surprise you. There are a lot of cafes on the way up so you can rest and sip your coffee or tea while looking at the clouds. 

Temple of the Divine Madman

Part of the overall appeal of Bhutan is this temple built as a site of worship for childless couples. Phallic symbols are seen on every corner of the temple and locals believe that these will bless the couples to bear children. 

The Divine Madman, as they would believe, have powers rooted in the earthly pleasures. In ancient times, he would often bless people in unusual ways. Of course, this is not practised anymore today because monks now only offer prayers for couples to become fertile. 

Traditional festivals

Bhutan is a festive country that has many celebrations throughout the year. These events are filled with symbols and legends told through vivid shows by the locals. Several regions have their own festivals that showcase their niche culture. Also, there are plays that tell stories of good and evil through drama. These shows are a delight for Nepal Vision guests. 

Punakha Dzong

The people of this country have a high regard for their religious beliefs that is why temples can be found in almost every corner. Have a spiritual getaway when you visit the lovely Punakha Dzong temple, also known as the Palace of Great Happiness.

This temple is famous in Bhutan because it has structures and murals that depict the life of Buddha and his teachings. Most people visit this place because the rivers along the temple are perfect for rafting activities.