The river flows, the time travels and the wind blows in every second and every time nature teaches us the lessons that people need to move on by exploring the new things and discovering new opportunities to understand the real meaning of life. The heart beats give us a signal that life is all about doing crazy things. Trip to Bhutan might be the best thing for you to add some adventure to your life in every beat.

Bhutan which is better known as the kingdom of Thunder Dragon spreads peace and happiness along with the teachings of Lord Buddha. The people out there maintain a strong connection with culture and livelihood by protecting nature in a true manner. The government announces that the country must maintain 60% of the forest in favor of the nation and its prosperity.  Their love for nature and seriousness of keeping the country green makes Bhutan one of the ideal destinations for adventure lovers.

Rivers, snow-covered mountains, curvy and paved roads in the hilly terrain gives you all the reasons to discover the special thing about this amazing country. Tour operators in Siliguri will definitely help you by offering attractive packages with guidance to make your trip more adventures and enjoyable instead of welcoming any difficulties.

How Bhutan is the ideal place for Adventure Tour?

Mountain Biking

Bhutan adventure tours

Paro and Phobjikha valley give some of the picturesque moments with paved and steep roads which looks fabulous and perfect for mountain biking. Both beginners and expert riders can experience this thrill by getting into the natural paradise. Bikes are available in different towns and you can choose the bike of your choice to enjoy the Bhutan adventure tours in a complete manner.

Rafting and Kayaking

Rafting and Kayaking in Bhutan

The country is blessed with rivers which not makes the land fertile and ideal for vegetation but also opens up an opportunity for river rafting and kayaking. The rivers Wang Chhu, Sunkosh, Puna Tsang Chhu, Mangde Chhu, Kuri Chhu as well as Dangme Chhu makes you delighted with the tremendous flowing of water so that you can hold the excitement genuinely. Rafting is preferable when you are traveling in a group though you can adjust with other travelers and kayaking is best for solo travelers to find some of the mesmerizing places while enjoying the kayaking experience. Mountain Rivers are best for doing such activities as the water flows faster. 


Fishing in Bhutan

Fishing is an art and adds fun to our love as you can explore some of the beautiful creatures not just for eating them on the dinner table but also for getting adventurous experience for the lifetime. It needs patience and people who love fishing will know it better. The fast flowing rivers in Bhutan give some of the tasty river fishes like trout and tuna. You need to make a permit by paying a sum of Rs 700 per day for enjoying such activity. Fishing in different style by sitting on the small wooden boats will make you refreshing and joyful for sure. Bhutan adventure tours provide you the necessary information to manage your trip adventurously.  


Trekking in Bhutan

The Bhutan adventure tours will not complete unless you will be a part of trekking in the mountains of Bhutan. The geographical location of this country gives you the chance to watch the view of great Himalayan ranges that looks amazing from every angle. Jomolhari trek comes with the view of Jomolhari peak whereas Druk Path Trek surrounded by Gangkar Puensum gives you a heavenly feeling with blooming Rhododendron on the way. Trekking in Bhutan is something that you must enjoy in order to experience mountainous reaches with lots of thrill and pleasure.


Archery in Bhutan

Archery is practiced in all parts of the country from ancient time and the modern players are now competing in the international competition which makes archery the national sport of Bhutan. Changlimithang Stadium & Archery Ground in Thimphu is famous for practicing archery though there are so many other centers that maintain the legacy of the sport. You can try this unusual sport by trying your skills which will be undoubtedly an adventure for you.


Paragliding in Bhutan

There is nothing better than flying higher and watching the mesmerizing valley from the top. The mountain ranges look wonderful when you enjoy paragliding in Bhutan. The scenic view of Ura valley makes you fall in love with the country as you will feel the clouds are dancing all around you making the ambiance splendid. Paragliding makes your trip more adventurous and thrilling if you dare to find the wildness of nature.

Bhutan takes you to the reality from where everything looks imaginary and beautiful so that you can stay relaxed and stress-free all the time. Tour operators in Siliguri are ready to plan your trip so that you can find adventure and happiness at the same time without looking for any other options.