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What is the last place you explored? Is traveling still forces you to come out from normal life?

Are you are really ready for a memorable trip in this summer then you must visit Bhutan. Bhutan is situated in the foothills of eastern Himalaya and shares some of the exotic places to visit. This destination spreads happiness and maintains its culture along with the development of the nation. Television and the Internet are not the basic requirements for the people over there even before 20 years though this generation is privileged to experience technological advancement without getting influenced by western culture. By getting the title of the world’s first organic country, Bhutan is an ideal place for any nature lover.

Before planning for Bhutan you must know about the special attractions of the country that will surely make you happier than ever before.

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What are the things to do in Bhutan?

Captivating Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

When you search about Bhutan on the internet, the most common picture that shows in the rest is about this monastery. You might be familiar with images of this monastery which was constructed in 1692. This monastery has a connection with a tigress who bought Guru Rinpoche from Tibet to save the locality from a local demon.

The location is selected by a tigress and from that connection, this place is called Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Besides this story, there are a lot more things you should about this monastery. The monastery is situated on the top cliff of a mountain and shares blessings of monks who still lived in the mountain to spread peace and harmony.

The view of Buddha Dordenma

Buddha Dordenma Statue

This country has 75% of Buddhist and that makes you crazy about visiting monasteries and temples situated all over Bhutan. Buddha Dordenma was constructed in the year 2015 and welcome people from every religion to take the blessing from the Lord who sacrificed everything in search of absolute truth. The panoramic view from the top this Dordenma is just amazing. You can spend some time to feel the peace all around with the fresh air that flows from the Himalaya. Passing wind hits the statue of Buddha and purifies the whole place with serenity.  

Witness the Changlimithang Stadium and Archery Ground

Archery Ground in Bhutan

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan and every year they participate on national, international and Olympic platform to prove their capabilities. Changlimithang gives you a chance to see the practicing sessions of those sportsmen who tries their best to master the art. Their love for archery proves that they are great warriors and stay brave in every situation. Visiting this place helps you to gain enough knowledge about this sport and passing a good time watching those impressive skills. There is no charge for watching them practicing, the only thing you need to be careful about is please don’t break their concentration. Travel agency in Siliguri will share all the necessary information about the places you need to visit during your visit.

The religious National Memorial Chorten

Stupa of Bhutan

The stupa was built in 1974 to honor the third Druk Gyalpo, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck (1928–1972). The main intention of making this is to represent the mind of Buddha. The stupa looks stunningly beautiful and spread religious peace within the people. In the year 2008, it underwent extensive renovation to highlight some of the essential needs. The stupa is popularly known as “the most visible religious landmark in Bhutan” so you must visit this place to understand the religious unity and cultural significance of people living in Bhutan. The National Memorial is clearly a deserving spot for the Bhutan trip.

Be a part of festivals

Festival of Bhutan

To understand the country and its people you need to be a part of festivals in Bhutan. Yes, to enjoy the festivals with food and music you must know the right time of the visit. Tschechu is the most popular festival of Bhutan which is celebrated in the different districts throughout the year. In Paro, it is celebrated as Paro Tschechu in the month of March whereas Thimphu Tschechu is celebrated in the month of August. Other than Tschechu you can be part of Jambay Lhakhang Drup, Haa Summer Festival and so on. People wear musk, take part in dance and enjoy local cuisines.

Travel agency in Siliguri will help you by providing the exact dates of the festival. Being a part of those festivals can be the best thing you can enjoy in this country where love and peace is the only motto of people.

Taking Blessings from the Fertile Temple

Temple in Bhutan

Chimi Lhakhang Temple or popularly known as the temple of Devine madman is something that makes you shocked about the simplicity and religious believe they have for their culture. Drukpa Kunley a monk subdued a demon of Dochu La with his “magic thunderbolt of wisdom” and trapped it in a rock at the location close to where the chorten now stands. You can see the paintings of phallus all around the walls of Punakha which was actually connected with this old story of Divine madman.

They believe that taking blessings from this temple is good for infertile couples. The magic thunderbolt of wisdom was actually his phallus and that makes the people believe in madman. You can look into the doors which are decorated with phallus which might make you feel uncomfortable but you must visit the temple to gather experiences.

Visiting Bhutan is all about knowing the people in true sense along with the chance to spend quality time in the lap of nature where there is peace all around. Travel agency in Siliguri helps you to book your tickets right now so that you can find the best view from your hotel window.