When you think about the Himalayas, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Nepal is the country that holds the greatest asset of Mother Earth, i.e. Mt. Everest – The highest mountain peak of the world. Every trekker or an adventurous person lives with the dream of witnessing the Himalayan ranges and especially the Everest. You can make your dream into reality by traveling to Nepal where nature creates the magic in every corner. Are you willing to Nepal trek tours? Then know the facts before starting the tour.

Kathmandu is the political as well as cultural capital of the country and considered to be the gateway towards some of the most adventurous treks in the entire world. The time you enter the city of Kathmandu you will get amazed and delightful with the Newari architecture, centuries-old Hindu and Buddhist religious sites, wooden window frames, an 18th-century bronze sculpture along with the latest technological updates.

Nepal Trek Tours are most popular in Asia

The holy city of Kathmandu will bring some of the exquisite and mesmerizing views of Himalayas and gives you the opportunity to take blessings from Goddess Kumari – The Living Goddess of Nepal. People of Nepal are familiar with nature and its significance in such a manner that, they will make you feel the importance and value of nature by offering prayers or by chasing the limits through trekking. You can spend a few days in the city of the temple and take the necessary information about the trekking routes.

Know about Kathmandu Trek

Kathmandu trek tours are often organized at Sundarijal, Chichapani, Nagarkot, and Dhulikhel, which are some of the most popular trekking sites close to Kathmandu and to cover those treks you usually need more than one week of time. The trekking routes and the landscapes look marvelous and disserving that you feel energized to communicate with the physical strength and capabilities. It is always better to keep yourself fit and healthy before trekking and don’t forget to bring warm clothing and stout footwear.

You must know when to visit the country because nature will never treat you as a special one and every time you need to be conscious and aware of the changes in weather and other natural calamities. Autumn till the early winter is the best time to visit the country as the weather remains pleasant and you can manage your trekking experiences. Booking hotels in advance is a good choice for anyone as the crowd increases during the suitable season.

Even after choosing the right time for traveling you might the sudden changes in the weather you can’t get everything by paying money, there are certain things which are beyond your control and capabilities. The geographical location of Nepal makes it unpredictable with the changes in the weather. So, here are some of the tips that help you in making your trip successful.

Helpful Tips for Trekking in Nepal

Schedule your tour with contingency

Tour plan

Every day you will find something new in the mountain regions and that makes it very much unpredictable. You should be mentally prepared for any happenings and have 2 to 3 days of contingency days while planning a trip to Nepal.

Take help from Local Guides and Porters

Nepal Trek tours

You might be thinking that whether you need a local guide or not but when it comes to trekking in the challenging routes of Himalaya, all you need is the experience which actually matters a lot. Remember that Edmund Hillary makes his mission possible only with Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.   

Learn about Sherpa – The Local Community

Nepal Trek Tours

Sherpa is a Nepali caste and trained mountaineers since their birth. They feel the mountains; they understand every little thing about the Himalayan ranges. You might be planning to trek in order to experience the adventure but they meet their daily needs by climbing the mountains. All the Sherpa people are not a guide by profession but many of them did the job for helping others.

Stay Yourself away from the ridge of Dzo

Nepal Yak

Dzo or Dzomo are the hybrids of domestic cattle and Yak. They are used to carry luggage or heavyweight begs in the mountain routes. This helpful creature comes in motion and it is advisable to keep yourself away from the ridge by not standing in front of them. The local people take the best care of the species as they are very much help in earning a livelihood.  

Carry Water Filter or Purification Tablets

water Purification Tablets

Staying hydrated is really essential when you are wishing to chase the challenges somewhere in the higher ranges of Himalaya. You can find water in the small villages but you need to pay some amount for that as the people carry drinking water from far away. Mountaineers usually carry water filter or purification tablets to maintain safety while exploring treks.

Some of the Popular Treks in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Three Phases Trek

Gokyo Trek

Mardi Himal

Upper Mustang

Around Dhaulagiri


Inner Dolpo

Kagmara La

Helambu Circuit

Great Himalayan Trek

Nepal Trek Tours pushes you forward towards attaining the highest level of satisfaction in terms of witnessing popular mountain ranges of the world. The great Himalaya, snowy paths, adventurous trekking experience, and friendly people give you all the good reasons to show your strength and willing power in an aggressive way.