One of the magical cities of India, Mumbai has a vibe that cannot be felt anywhere else.

The residents of other metropolitan cities might argue on this but one has to agree that Mumbai does have something exotic and unique about it. Not only it can fill pages after pages when it comes to rich history but it can also give place in the country for a good run for money.

So, the bottom line is Mumbai is indeed a place to see in India, something that will keep you engaged with memories for a longer time!

Why Bhutan!!

There are times when you get bored with your daily city life and want some peace. So, to escape the mundane life, the ‘land of happiness’ is the right place for you to refresh your weariness.

But if you are a first-time visitor then here we are to provide you with a complete guide for you to make your Bhutan journey a memorable one!

Bhutan at a glance!!

There is always something magical about Bhutan. The mesmerizing yet straightforward land somehow manages to refresh your soul.

Visiting and exploring Bhutan can be a wonderful experience in itself which you will never forget. So, do you want to have this unforgettable experience? Well, then this the right place for you as below is step by step guide of how to plan your tour by booking Bhutan tour packages from Mumbai. So, let’s get started!

Enroute to Bhutan!!

By air: As there is no direct access by flight from Mumbai to Bhutan so you have to travel to Bagdogra airport from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. From there you can reach Bhutan by flight, train or car.

By rail: If you want to visit Bhutan then you can also take a train by the best way possible:

•From Mumbai to Kolkata by train
•Then Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri by train
•Later New Jalpaiguri to Jaigaon by bus
•Finally, Bhutan

Note: The route by road will take more extended hours so it is not so advisable for access but you can go on a road trip for an experience.

Tourist permit in Bhutan!!

Tourist Permit

Getting a tourist permit in Bhutan is not a difficult job if you have visited Bhutan previously. But if you are a first-time visitor then it will be pretty tough to find out the Immigration office. So, let us help you out with this one!

As visas are not necessary, Immigration Office in Phuentsholing issues permit. This will help you to travel to Thimphu and Paro but only for 7 days but if you want to extend your stay then you have to obtain an Extension permit from Thimphu.

Hold on! There is good news for you that you can obtain entry permits from Paro International Airport if you are a direct flyer!

However, you need some documents too.

•A duly filled form
•Copy of Voter’s ID or Passport
•An Itinerary on an A4 Sheet
•Booked Hotel’s Voucher if you have booked beforehand
•Passport Size Photo

Also, you need a separate entry permit to visit other places in Bhutan except for Thimphu, Paro, and Punakha!

Note: If you have booked your Bhutan tourism packages from any travel agency then they will help you to quickly get your entry permit to visit Bhutan.

Hotel bookings!!

After you have prepared your itinerary, you can start looking for your suitable accommodations. Since tourism in Bhutan is flourishing, one can find hotel options within different budget-friendly prices.

It will also give you an authentic and comfortable experience for you. Right from Phuentsholing to capital city, Thimphu, everywhere you can find hotels ranging from budget to luxury. So, why not book it at once!

•Taj Tashi at Thimphu
•Le Meridien at Thimphu
•Zhiwa Ling at Paro
•RKPO Green Resort at Punakha
•Gangtey Palace Hotel at Paro

Packing for Bhutan!!

Being the most famous country, Bhutan is very much unpredictable with its weather conditions and the rugged trails will surely not let you leave from home without packing. During the daytime, the climate is preferable but at night it turns out to be bit chilly or cold. So, it is essential to pack appropriately before you head out!

•A shawl/jacket or a shrug
•Raincoat and Umbrella
•Pack light clothes for summer and monsoon, and heavy woolens if travelling during winter
•Swimwear if you want to take a dip in the warm hot springs
•Comfortable flat shoes and hiking shoes

This will not let you catch a cold or make your trip incomplete!

After reaching Bhutan!!

With just 7,500 meters, Bhutan has in store some changing landscapes and culture. So, these are the best parts for you to see while you plan your tour with Bhutan sightseeing packages.


Other destinations to keep in your list!


Are you falling in love with the Himalayas in Bhutan? Then do not wait but plan your trip as soon as possible before anyone else does it!