If an individual thinks it is expensive to travel to Bhutan, then it is not. Even if it is then it is indeed worth it!

Traveling to Bhutan is a fantastic experience. A place where time stands still, where the legend is history, and mountains reign supreme. The Bhutanese Himalayas are genuinely awe-inspiring- crisp, clear, empty, and clean.

So, if you think that it is expensive to visit Bhutan, then for Indians it is not as the government has placed a minimum price for visitors.

How much does it cost!

The minimum daily package cost for visiting Bhutan is $200 per person per night for January, February, June, July, August, and December.

This can even rise to $250 per person per night for March, April, May, September, October, and November. These costs are based on a minimum group size of three people and the cost can even go up if you want to book a car for one or two people.

You can even get a discount if the group becomes larger!

What’s included?

Pretty much everything! For the amount, you pay you will get accommodation in hotels that are at least three stars, all meals of the day, transport, and places like the monasteries you are up for.

You will also have access at a private guide; a driver and a hired car in the Bhutan tourism packages which will make your Bhutan tour an ideal one.

Also, there are not many ATMs in Bhutan so it is better to bring cash!

Bhutan tourism packages

Hotels in Bhutan!

  • Hotel Norbuling
  • Hotel Thimphu Tower
  • Tenzinling Resort
  • Naktsel Resort
  • Dhensa Boutique Resort
  • RKNP Green Resort

Is it worth it!

Well… Absolutely! Even if your Bhutan trip costs a lot, all the money will be well spent. The country is one of the mysterious countries and it is protected with the perfect blend of modernity.

The buildings are ancient, people are precious, and the traditions are delightful.  The region is isolated and the total number of the population does not exceed to one million.

So, if it is worth it then you can spend much more on this country!

Bhutan tourism packages

Places to witness!

  • Rinpung Dzong, Paro
  • Chele La Pass, Paro
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Buddha Dordenma Statue, Thimphu
  • Dochula Pass
  • Phobjikha Valley, Phobjikha
  • Tashichho Dzong, Thimphu

Lastly, getting to Bhutan!

For Indians, there is no need of visa but entry permit is needed before entering into Bhutan. It is optional to enter from Phuentsholing but to get the permit you have to travel here to get an allowance to enter Bhutan. Not only car rental service, even trains and flights are also available to reach this magical land.

So, if you want to spend your valuable money, then Bhutan is the ultimate place for traveling within your estimated budget!

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