The first experience is always special and memorable whether you are falling in love with someone or planning for some adventurous activity. Management and corporate authorities come out with the idea of enjoying a good time with the corporate staff by doing some adventure. River rafting is one of the exciting and breath-taking experiences for any person who likes to add fun in their life. What could be a better option than doing river rafting with the entire corporate team in terms of enjoying your holidays? So are you ready for the river rafting tour experience?

Spending a good time with your corporate colleagues and team members will build up a strong bonding within the group and helps all the employees to know each other in a better sense. Whether you are from marketing, IT or business development team, once you are a part of an adventure that means you are going to have a greater learning experience with lots of fun.

So many choices in India

There are so many options in India for thrilling and adventurous river rafting which includes River Ganga in Rishikesh, Beas River in Manali, Lohit and Siang Rivers in Arunachal Pradesh, Teesta River in Sikkim and many more in the list. Northern India is considered as the most perfect place for river rafting because you will find more rapids and bigger waves on these fast flowing rivers with mesmerizing Himalayan ranges by the side. If you are going to experience river rafting for the first time then you must know about the grades in river rafting. There are usually 5 grades in river rafting that includes:

  • Grade 1: Water flows smoothly with the little current which requires basic skills in rafting.
  • Grade 2: Here, you will find small rapids with bubbling current and maybe few rocks which require skill in paddling. 
  • Grade 3: Small waves with bigger rapids that give you excitement and much more fun. You need a professional guide for guidance and paddling skills.
  • Grade 4: Big Rapids with medium waves along with rocks and turns. It will be a true adventure for first-timers. Precaution is a must when you are going to experience Grade 4 rafting. 
  • Grade 5: Large waves with large volume and mostly huge rocks that take to the highest level of adventure and excitement. You need to be highly experienced in river rafting to try this. 

River rafting is all about adventure and fun so you need to be mentally prepared and take the necessary precautions to start your experience. It is obvious that the level of excitement will be a little bit higher for the first time but you need to be serious with the guideline and instructions, given by the guide. So, here are some of the tips that will you to make your river rafting more comfortable and deserving especially when you are hitting it for the first time.

Tips for River Rafting 

Be Prepared to Share the Raft

wildness of river

Management is always required to get the things done in a perfect manner and the same thing happens even when you are going for river rafting. The weight of the raft is very important to maintain and that will split bigger groups into small groups. So, you must adjust with it because keeping yourself focused on the rafting is more essential then thinking about your friend who might be shifted to another raft. Normally a raft takes 5 people to maintain the balance so if you planning to make it with your three best friends then you have to welcome others too.

Listen to the Guide with team efforts

You are going to experience the wildness of nature and that is unpredictable and uncontrollable. So, you need to be conscious and must obey the guidelines of your guide because the guide is experienced enough and knows the techniques better than you. Team effort is important during paddling and balancing as everyone should keep on paddling by giving equal force. So, you will learn the team management skills even during an adventurous trip.

Be Friendly, Cheerful and Open Minded

River rafting team

Only daring and showing heroism will not help you during uncontrolled situations because you need to be cooperative with your partners by staying friendly and cheerful. Conservative thoughts might take you to dangerous situations so it is better to express your views by getting louder. Staying in a good mood will help you in managing the drastic situation because giving up will never be the solution to any problem.

Take the Challenge

India is famous for river rafting tour experience and if you are getting the chance then take the challenge and enjoy every bit of your rafting skills and efforts. No one is born with skills and techniques so you too can do it with more perfection and dedication towards it. All you need is the willing power and confidence to visualize and witness the beauty of nature which teaches us to be aggressive and challenging in every situation.

Get yourself ready

ready for rafting

Coming with mental preparation is really appreciable but along with the mental stability, one needs to be well prepared with the outfit and precautionary devices to support their rafting experience. A life jacket is must along with protective gear and helmet to find the ultimate way of enjoying something great. The thrilling and exciting challenges will become easier with the necessary precaution so you must get ready for it without doing any compromise.

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