Unplanned trips often turn out to be the best and the most memorable ones, if it is, the land of Bhutan then visit atleast once!

So, let’s start!

Yes, if you are traveling from Kolkata then you can easily avail for a flight from Kolkata to Paro but if you want to experience a road trip then you have to board a train to reach Siliguri first.

After reaching the heart of North Bengal, Siliguri you can contact one of the trusted tour and travel agency to book a hired car and drive straight to the land of Thunder Dragon. At the back of the mind you will be having many such beautiful sights to see when you reach Bhutan but before that reaching on time is the most which matter.

Distance from Siliguri to Bhutan!!

Siliguri to Bhutan: 429 kilometers

Time: 13 hours and 9 minutes

If you want to avail some of the best services you can book any of the best Bhutan tour packages from Siliguri to get to see the best of Bhutan as per your cost.

Beginning of the Journey!

The drive along the National Highway from Siliguri to Sevoke, especially after Salugara has smooth well-carpeted road which will give you a swift ride for a few hours. The military cantonments will on either side of the road offer you neat and clean areas and take you through a pack of jungles on both sides of the road.

After a drive of 3 kilometers, you will enter the zigzag roads upto the historic coronation bridge that spans over the rumbling Teesta River which runs down to the plains from North Sikkim.

Stopover at the famous Coronation Bridge!!

On entering the bridge, you can halt on the bridge to enjoy the scenic views of the area and enjoy the calm and pleasant weather. After an hour of halt, you can start your journey again.

After crossing the bridge, the condition of the road turns not to be so kind and potholes start appearing and disappearing.

Getting lost in the beauty of Dooars!!

On the way, you will cross a small bazaar Mongpu and pass through “Dooars” area. The Dooars valley is a paradise of biodiversity with the combination of thick forest and you can also spare some time to visit a few of the national parks in Dooars. The green tea gardens on both sides of the roads are mesmerizing and give a feeling of refreshment.

After seeing the beauty of nature and the wilderness of Dooars, you can again start your drive through the dense forest and reach the crowded city of Jaigaon.

Crossing the township of Jaigaon!!


On the way to Jaigaon, you can have tea and other snacks for lunch in Mal Bazaar, which is halfway to Jaigaon.

As you drive along, the last about 10 kilometers to Jaigaon it will be a nightmare. The National Highway is filled with ugly craters dust and dirt all around the road. Heavily loaded trucks from Northeast states and Bhutan run all the time between this bumpy roads. Unfortunately, it is the only road connecting India and Bhutan and driving through such a road is one of an unforgettable experience.

Finally, after an endless crater driving, you will reach Jaigaon, which is another small township slightly more significant than the bazaar.

Finally entering into Bhutan!!

Entering in Bhutan

As you cross the gate of Phuentsholing it is an entirely refreshing change from a heap of crowds to a normal Indian Bazaar. You can check into any of the best hotels to half for the night and spend some time sightseeing here.

Next morning, obtaining the permit you can drive for 3 hours to reach the magical country of Bhutan and avail Bhutan sightseeing packages to witness this little kingdom to attain bliss and enjoy the colorful and peaceful side of Bhutan.

So, if you are excited to make memories through such a fun-filled road trip then gear up your car and start for an exciting journey atleast once!