A charming town, Gelephu is situated in the Sarpang district in Bhutan. It is 30 kilometers away from Sarpang.

The town is usually large but away from the busy atmosphere like other towns in Bhutan. It is not only a town for tourists to visit while leaving for Bhutan but also a gateway to many tourist destinations of Central Bhutan. However, a tour of this little hamlet in Bhutan could make your stay worthwhile!

Speciality of the place!!

Along with habitats for animals, people of this country mainly come to Gelephu to get cured at Gelephu Tshachu during winter. ‘Menchu’ or Hot Stone Bath is also popular though this method is practiced throughout the country.

Weather of Gelephu!!

The climate of Gelephu is warm, sub-tropical and humid. It remains relatively unchanging all the year round. During summers the temperature crosses to above 30 degrees. Even during winters, it is one of the best zones to have a visit. The temperature usually ranges from 10 to 18 degrees centigrade.

Best season: Spring and autumn except for monsoon for you to have a peaceful vacation

How to reach there!!

Now you do not have to travel for long hours as Gelephu domestic airport has been inaugurated in October 2012!

By Air: If you want to reach Gelephu then Paro International Airport is the nearest airport to reach there.

By Road: If you want to drive by road then you can get cars from Siliguri to reach Gelephu.

Jaigaon is also the best route to reach Gelephu!

Attractions to keep you astonished!!

Gelephu is large enough to attract you with its beautiful places. So let us take you on a trip to this town by booking Bhutan sightseeing packages for nothing to miss out here.

1.Take a dip at Gelephu Tshachu!! 

Gelephu tshachu
Image Courtesy: Booking Bhutan Tour

It is a hot spring which is one of the favorite places to visit in Gelephu. You can take a dip in this hot spring to enjoy a hot stone bath. The location is beautiful enough as hills surround it on each side. Most of the locals come here as they believe that this hot spring has curative properties.

The combination of natural surrounding and a warm bath is fantastic!

2.Attract with the monks at Nyimalung Tratsang!!

Nyimalung Tratsang
Image Courtesy: trip-to-bhutan.com/gelephu

The winter residence of the monks, Nyimalung Tratsang is located about 1 kilometer north of Gelephu town. One of the eye-catching sights of the Monastery is the giant statue of Lord Buddha with a huge prayer wheel. People from local areas come to this monastery to offer prayers. Also, the beautiful location is an added charm!

3.Meet the wild animals at Royal Manas National Park!!

‘If you like Golden Langur, then Royal Manas National Park is one such park!’

It is one of the world’s outstanding biological parks with a diverse ecology; it is also one of the oldest preserves in Bhutan. The park is rich in its wildlife species which includes globally threatened species like Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephants, one-horned rhino, Himalayan Black Bear, etc.

Did you have your fill for a destination away from the mundane city life got fulfilled? Then visit Gelephu and embark on a journey like no other to spend some quality time with your loved ones!