Are you trying to get a Bhutan budget tour package? That’s great, but there are 5 solid places are appearing. In your Bhutan tour, you must visit those places. Find out from what they have, from this blog.

“Get out of your comfort zone and travel to some unknown place on Earth”

Wangdue Phodrang also known as Wangdue is a modern town at the end of the highway while you enter central Bhutan. Not many people know about this town. However, those who love traveling to some known but still unknown places for them this place is good to explore.

As you know, Bhutan is a mysterious place, a country having its own unique culture. For many centuries, Bhutan has hidden from the outer world. Still today, it has kept its ethnicity secured and pure.

So traveling to a place in Bhutan that is still unknown, can be no less than a mysterious trip to Bhutan:

  • Wangdue Phodrang Dzong
  • The Temple of Sha Radap
  • Gasleo and Nahee Village
  • Rincheng Village
  • Adha and Rukha Villages
Wangdue Phodrang Dzong

Wangdue Phodrang Dzong:

It was built in the year 1638. The most well-known building of the town. Located near the river Dang Chuu and Punakha Chuu.  A beautiful Dzong and a pleasure to the eye. Due to some unfortunate reason, this beauty was bunt in the year 2012. However, the repair works are in full swing and you can still enjoy its essence.

The Temple of Sha Radap

The Temple of Sha Radap:

Sha Radap is the deity to whom this temple is dedicated. It is also known as Rada Lakhang. It is situated at the district Dzong. The locals come to the temple to get blessings for them and especially for their children. The newborn babies are brought to this temple for naming them. You can also roll the dice to get blessings for your wishes to be fulfilled.

Gasleo and Nahee Village

Gasleo and Nahee Village:

While in Bhutan and among such splendid beauty it is possible that you will want to go for a picnic. These two villages are great places for having a picnic. Come here in the month of autumn and enjoy a great picnic here.

Rincheng Village

Rincheng Village:

If you are a photographer and want to click some extraordinary shots, come to this place. You will get some candid shots at this place.

Adha and Rukha Villages

Adha and Rukha Villages:

Here you can camp out or do homes stay. This will help you better to indulge in the flavors of south Bhutan.   Here the people are very much welcoming and friendly. You will get to indulge in authentic Bhutan here.

After reading this article, the question in your mind was clear that, where should I visit in Bhutan? If you thinking about Bhutan tour plan, It’s absolutely perfect.

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