Sikkim is the least populated state in India and considered to be one of the most popular traveling destinations in recent years. The administrative and tourism department put their best efforts to keep the state favorable for tourism. In the year 2006, the state is awarded as the “Best Tourism performing state in India.” So let’s discuss about a memorable trip to Sikkim.

You will find some of the exotic destinations and beautiful ambiance by entering this state where mountains, rivers, lakes, and people welcome everyone to enjoy a pleasant stay over there. But if you are planning to visit Sikkim in your next vacation then you must go through this article to avoid some of the unavoidable circumstances that commonly arise during a trip to Sikkim.

Trip to Sikkim
Uttarey, Sikkim

Hill stations in India attracts a huge number of tourists every year to experience the best time of their life either by enjoying an adventurous tour or by simply witnessing the beauty of nature during a honeymoon trip. Friendly and gentle people of Sikkim will make you feel comfortable during your stay but you must get prepared for unpredictable natural calamities. So, here are some of the tips that will assure your conveyance while en routing Sikkim.

Tips for Making Your Sikkim Trip Memorable

Avoid Rainy Season

The best time to visit Sikkim starts from March to May or else from October to mid-December so that you can explore the state by not getting any difficulties. Rainy seasons are really risky for traveling to hill stations and especially the eastern Himalayan ranges. Landslides are very common during monsoon which welcomes road blockage and skidding. It might spoil your vocation by simply sitting on the hotel balcony or by getting stuck in the traffic due to road blockage.

Avoid Extreme Winters

Most people think about playing within the snow and that can be possible during mid-December but extreme winter might be a problem for you to reach those exotic destinations. Tsomgo and Gurudongmar Lake need permission to enter the place for some administrative and safety reasons. The chances of getting a permit are relatively less during winter as the roads get blocked due to heavy snowfall. If you schedule your trip tightly and one day get wasted for such reasons, it will hamper your trip in a genuine manner.

Nathula Pass, Sikkim
Nathula Pass, Sikkim

Take Warm Clothes

You might be coming from Chennai where the weather is hot throughout the year but that doesn’t mean that you will dare to enter Sikkim by wearing a t-shirt. Carry warm clothes even during summer because the temperature falls after the sunset and you have to purchase your clothes from there. Carrying warm cloth is essential and undoubtedly beneficial for you to manage the situation.

Choose day time for traveling

Nights are not meant for traveling in the hill stations like Sikkim. It doesn’t matter if you find other vehicles are available during the night but try to avoid traveling during the night as it increases the risk. Prefer to start your trip in the early morning and finish it up by late evening though you will find most of the transportation in the day time so that will not a problem for you. Enjoy the night in your hotel room or by walking on the streets near your hotel. It is better to avoid moving outside after 9 PM.

Meet Local People

Exploring any destination is not about witnessing the landscapes and mesmerizing nature, you must meet with local people by making a friendly relation with them. Sikkimese people generally use Nepali which is the most dominant language over there but you will find other languages like Bhutia, Dzongkha, Groma, Gurung, Lepcha, Limbu, etc. Try learning their languages, though they are very comfortable with English or Hindi. Meeting local people will make you feel better and help you in discovering more about the state and its culture.

Carry Essential Items

Carrying essential items like medicines, power bank, water purification tablets, etc keeps you confident and relaxed during your stay. You must be prepared for any kind of emergencies. Foreign tourists might not get their medicines in the medical shops as the availability of specific brands is quite less in hill stations. Small towns like Lachung and Lachen might not provide all the amenities, so it is better to carry water purification tablets and power banks for emergencies.

Trip to Sikkim
Silk Route, Sikkim

Traveling to Sikkim will give you all the good reasons to find happiness and joy as the state is known for their excellent hospitality and ethnic culture. Monasteries, temples, natural treasures and welcoming nature of the people will definitely take you to incredible experiences.