Adventure trekking holiday

If Adventure is on your mind, then Bhutan is the perfect place for you. Minimum expenditure and Maximum fun is the catch of Bhutan Holiday trip.

Trekking = fun, trill and action.

While your adventure-seeking mind has chosen Bhutan for trekking, here is an article that will tell you more about trekking in Bhutan. Go through the complete Blog and know the place better before you start your adventure trip.


Located in the Eastern part of Himalayas, Bhutan is a pocket country with very less population and geographical area. The Indian Monsoon that allows Bhutan to be the best trekking destination during the months of March, April, May, September and October influences this mystic land. While trekking in Bhutan, you will be accompanied with a guide, cook, equestrians and a camp assistant to make your adventure trekking holiday better.

adventure trekking holiday

 Know about the best 5 trekking destinations in Bhutan:

  1.  Jhomolhari Trek:
  2. It’s a 8 day trek.
  3. Moderately Challenging.
  4. You need to cross two passes, Bhonte la and Takhung La to reach Mt. Jomolhari( 24000 feet). It is a mesmerizing view from here.
  5. Mt. Jomolhari is popularly known as “Bride of Kangchenjunga”.
  6. A wonderful festival is celebrated in the mountain at different times of the year. If you are a festive person, know when is the festival celebrated in the mountain and plan your trip accordingly.
  • Druk Path:
  • It’s a 6 days trek.
  • Lesser Challenging.
  • Starts from Paro and goes to the mountains in Thimphu and to the nearby valleys.
  • While you come back from Thimphu valley, you will get a glance of the tallest mountain peak in Bhutan as well as the highest unconquered Mt. peake in the world named, Mt.Gangkar Puensum.
  • According to the Government policies in Bhutan, no one is allowed to climb mountain peaks above 6000m. Therefore, the unconquered mountain peak will hold on to its title until the policy changes.
  • Snowmen Trek:
  • It takes almost 25 days for the trek.
  • Very Challenging.
  • Starts from Paro and finishes in Lunana in the Northern Parts of Bhutan.
  • This trek cross 11 passes and the tallest among them are Karchung La, Jaze La, Loju la and Rinchenzoe La.
  • Vist time to take up the trek is just after the monsoon stop and just before the snow falls, that is the month of October.
  • Duer Hot Spring:
  • It’s a 9 days Trek.
  • Very Challenging.
  • Crosses over the snowman trek.
  • Best part of the trek is the hot Spring.
  • Juli La is the highest trekking point in this trek.
  • Though challenging but satisfactory because of the beautiful hot spring and wonderful scenic beauty on the way.
  • Bumthang Owl Trek:
  • It’s a 3 days trek.
  • Not much challenging.
  • Starts from Dhur village go to the Drangela Pass (3600m) and while you come down you will get to visit beautiful monasteries and meet wonderful local people. 
  • During April and May you will see wonderful flowering plants on the way.

This is compressed information of everything you will be enjoying on these treks in Bhutan. Avail our services while you take up these mind-blowing treks in Bhutan. We will give you the best experience because we are taking up theses treks for years now.