“You don’t have to be rich to Travel well”- Eugene Fodor

Bhutan is the land of peace, spirituality, mindfulness, and serenity. Here it does not matter whether you are rich, middle class or poor. The only thing that matters in Bhutan is having a clear heart and love for nature.

Still, if you have any doubt regarding the budget in Bhutan, then this article will clear all your doubt.

Follow the instructions:

What are the months to get Bhutan at its best?

August to February is the month when you must visit Bhutan to enjoy a budget-friendly trip.

Is Backpacking allowed in Bhutan?


Backpacking means you cannot arrange your trip from outside. You will have to plan your trip with the Bhutanese agent before you reach there. The agents will help you plan your trip properly and within budget.

Is solo travel in Bhutan a good option?

Better, not travel alone in Bhutan. While you travel, alone you will have to spend a lot. Rather travel in-group while in Bhutan.

What can be the minimum budget for a day?

The approx budget for a day in Bhutan will be 1800rupees.

When should you book your tickets for Bhutan Trip?

Book your tickets a month before you travel to Bhutan.

Why should you choose Bhutan to be your budget trip destination?

You can travel to Bhutan from anywhere in the world. In Bhutan, you will get all the luxuries at a minimum prize. If you want to do some adventure, then Bhutan will allow you that in a very minimum prize.

Essential tips for your Budget trip to Bhutan:

  • Carry your identity proof.
  • Address proof.
  • Carry Cash because there is no ATM in Bhutan.
  • Bhutan is a bit colder place so carry your winter garments.
  • For safety, keep your medical kit with you.
  • For students, you must carry your college or school Id proof.

How to acquire permit?

While in Bhutan, you must get your permit done from Bhutan’s immigration office. If you are there with an agent then, the whole processes will take an hour or so. Without an agent, it might take longer.

Therefore, Bhutan vacation packages or budget tour packages should be planned with an agent in Bhutan.

Do you need to change the sim?

Yes, you will have to change your phone number while in Bhutan. Sims from other country does not perform in Bhutan.

Last but not the least you should know that Bhutan is a very safe country and here you can travel without any extra worries.