The capital of Bhutan is known to be the largest city in the country that has a hold on the Bhutanese culture as well as tradition.

It is the only capital which has no traffic lights. It is also famous for many traditional architectures and ancient structures that will give you an insight into the history of Bhutan. And to discover this charming paradise, make sure to choose the best places to stay in Thimphu for a calm and cozy vacation.

What makes Thimphu so famous in the land of thunder dragon?

Bhutan is already famous but even Thimphu is famous in its way for the things which can be done to explore Thimphu more closely.

  • You can be part of the colorful Tshechu festivals
  • Enjoy peace and serenity in the monasteries of Thimphu
  • You can go for daily worship in the Chortens
  • Take part in making papers
  • Learn the art of weaving and making hand-woven clothes
  • Read books in the library of Thimphu
  • And lastly, see the national animal of Bhutan

Best places to stay in Thimphu:

Here are few of the places to visit and stay while booking Bhutan vacation packages on your trip to Thimphu:

1- Buddha Point:

Located with one of the largest Buddha statues of the world, Buddha Dordenma is the beautiful masterpiece of the period. It is 50 meters in height is decorated with gold. It also houses 125,000 smaller statues which give a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Places to stay near Buddha Point

  • Hotel River Side
  • Hotel Migmar
  • Tara Phendeyling Hotel

2- Clock Tower Square

It is the most happening place in Thimphu. The tower has some artistic carvings, paintings with four clocks and dragons painted on all the four sides. Also, these dragons truly depict the Land of Thunder Dragon.

Places to stay near Clock Tower Square

  • Hotel Thimphu Towers
  • Wangchuk Hotel
  • Le Meridien Thimphu

3- Norzin Lam Street

It is one of the Thimphu city’s main arteries which are lined with all manner of local and craft stalls. It is the most famous place in Thimphu for shopaholics. You can expect to find anything from artwork, handicrafts to clothing, carpets, books, woven and handmade items.

Places to stay near Norzin Lam Street:

  • Hotel Shantideva Bhutan
  • Bhutan Boutique Residency
  • Hotel Deeya

4- Memorial Chorten:

It is a Tibetan style stupa which is also known as ‘Jangchub Chorten’. It is centrally located in the city and is the most attractive place in Thimphu. It is visible from all places in Thimphu and thousands of people circumambulate this stupa every day.

Places to stay near Memorial Chorten:

  • Jumolhari Hotel
  • Hotel Galingkha
  • Himalayan Kisa Hotel

5- Tashichho Dzong:

It is a remarkable architectural structure which is presently the house of the throne or seat of the government. It is more commonly known as the Thimphu Dzong but also named as ‘fortress of glorious religion’.

Places to stay near Tashichho Dzong:

  • Bhutan Centennial Hotel
  • Namgay Heritage Hotel
  • Bhutan Suites

6- Simply Bhutan

It is a beautiful museum which takes the travelers through the various aspects of villages in Bhutan. The smiling people, authentic cuisine, age-old traditions, and live performances will make you view the best of Bhutan at this beautiful museum.

Places to stay near Simply Bhutan:

  • Osel
  • Hotel Phuntso Pelri
  • Hotel Taktsang

7- Motithang Takin Preserve

It was a zoo but later turned into a preservation to see the most rarely seen animal, Takin. The origin of the animal depicts a myth with a religious background. The preserve also shelters the barking deer and sambar deer.

Places to stay near Motithang Takin Preserve:

  • Hotel Amodhara
  • Taj Tashi
  • Khamsum Inn

Have you chosen your hotel yet?

Book one of the best hotels in Thimphu to bask in the beauty of this capital city and make your dream trip come true with your loved ones.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Which is the best vegetarian hotel in Thimphu?

A: Hotel New Grand is the best vegetarian hotel in the capital city of Thimphu.

Q: Do these hotels provide the best amenities?

A: Yes, these hotels do provide the best amenities and facilities for a comfortable stay.