‘The roaring VROOOOM sound of engines and the outstretched mountain passes in the Indian Himalayas, it is a zone emphatically masculine!

The most elevated motorable roads are indeed a delight for the people who are both travelers and adventurers at the same time.

The picturesque views at the vicinity of the roads put glitters to every minute of your journey. Hence, those who are planning to experience the adventure of these motorable passes then gear up your bike for this beautiful yet thrilling trip.

Safety tips for bike riding!!

Riding a bike is exciting but safety is also important. So, here are some safety tips for you to keep in mind while ride a bike in the motorable passes!

  • You must obey the rules and follow them wisely.
  • You must know how to the tyre of a bike and also keep an extra tyre.
  • Carry necessary medicines incase of altitude sickness
  • Stay connected all the time with other bikers if going in a group
  • Wear a proper helmet and armour jacket to protect you from cold or wind.
  • Wear appropriate gear
  • Check your bike properly before riding
  • Carry extra tools incase of any mishaps or breaking down of the bike

Best bikes taken for the ride!!

Talking about the first things, every biker must give their total attention to their first love, which is their bike. One must be very careful and picky when it comes to choosing bike for a road trip. So, here are some of the best bikes!

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan: 411 CC
  • Royal Enfield Classic 350: 346 CC
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird: 350-500 CC
  • Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise: 180-220 CC
  • Bajaj Pulsar 220F: 220 CC

Motorable passes for you to explore!!

Be ready to feel fascinated as you indulge yourself and pass along these highest motorable passes in India!

1. Marsimik La– 5,582 metres (18,314 ft)

Marsimik La

Before the starting of Pangong Tso, a road turning north lays the Marsimik La, the second highest motorable pass of the world. Every year many skilled riders come along this pass to conquer the highest motorable pass to see the six-lane highway that China has built all the way up to the LOC.

2. Photi La – 5,524m (18,124 ft)

Photi La

The latest entry in this list, Photi La is situated in the Zanskar range of the Ladakh region. The high mountain pass which is around 30 kilometers from the beautiful Hanle Monastery on the Hanle-Photi Le road. The road to the pass is very dusty and you won’t find any soul here due to less oxygen. Also, permission is needed from the Army to conquer the pass.

3. Dochula Pass- 3,100 m (10,171 ft)


A beautiful mountain pass, Dochula Pass is a concentration of 108 memorial stupas. It is also known as “Druk Wangyal Chortens”. It is not just a place of historical and religious importance, but also a popular tourist attraction that any traveler would like to visit when in Bhutan.

•    Dochula pass’ weather: Foggy and Chilly weather

•    Dochula pass’ temperature: 2°C- 8°C

•    Dochula pass’ snow: Due to change of weather soft snow often falls

•    Thimphu to Dochula pass’ distance: 30 Kilometers

•    Best time to visit: September to February

Make a trip to explore Dochula Pass by booking Bhutan sightseeing packages and enjoy the beauty of Thimphu!

4. Chele La Pass- 3,796m (12,454ft)

Chele La

Another highest motorable pass after Dochu La pass in Bhutan, Chele La pass is located in the western region of Paro valley. This pass is located between the two of the most picturesque locations of Bhutan. Also, famous for offering the panoramic views of snow-capped Himalayan Mountain range.

•    Paro to Chelela pass’ distance: 37 kilometers

•    Best time to visit: April to June

   July to September

   October to March

5. Dongkha La – 5,500 m (18,000 ft)


The high mountain pass in the Himalaya connecting Sikkim in India with Tibet, Dongkha La offers a picturesque view of the Tibetan plateau. This pass is 5 kilometers from the Gurudongmar Lake. The Indian Army controls it and the civilians need a special permit to visit the pass.

6. Kaksang La – 5,438 m (17,841 ft)


A high mountain pass situated in the Ladakh region Kaksang La is located between Mahe and Chushul. The pass offers amazing views of the fantastic lakes, mountains, and valleys. Like all other passes, you need permission from the Indian Army to visit the pass.

If you are a rider then these motorable passes in India will compel you to gather your friends and start on your bike to have an exciting experience!