Do you know Trashigang serves its border with Arunachal Pradesh in India and Samdrup Jongkhar in Bhutan?

Gemstone of East!!

Located at an altitude of 4000 m, Trashigang is considered to be the heart of eastern Bhutan. Bhutan’s largest river, the Dangmechu flows through the district and is home to a wide variety of exotic bird species. The people of this district are famous for their skills in innovative textile production.

Although the eastern part is relatively undeveloped, it offers rustic yet beautiful experiences!

How can you reach Trashigang?

The most convenient way to reach Trashigang is by taking a flight from your town to the one & only International airport in Bhutan, Paro International Airport.

Distance from Paro to Trashigang- 524.5km

From there, you can either opt for car rental services or take a flight up to Yongphulla Airport which is just 20kms away from Trashigang.

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The Bewitching Sightseeing Places in Trashigang!!

‘You may be heard very few about Trashigang, but once you explore this, we bet it remains in your heart forever!’

Have a look at the most astonishing places-

1. Sacred Trashigang Dzong!!

Built-in 1659, Trashigang Dzong is one of the important landmarks of Trashigang and is the house for the religious monastic community.

What does its history say?

The Dzong was built by Zhabdrung Namgyal in order to defend the Kingdom from the invasion of Tibet and to spread the Drukpa rule in the eastern part of Bhutan.

The beauty of this Dzong…

  • The Dzong is constructed beautifully with the traditional touch and beautiful pieces of architecture.
  • The interior walls of the Dzong are decorated with the Buddhist themes.
  • The Dzong is a five storied building
  • It houses 9 temples among which Dupthob Lhakhang has been considered as the most sacred.

Distance from Trashigang- 850 m

Best time to visit- October to December

2. Get Spiritual In Gom Kora!!

Surrounded by rice fields and clumps of banana trees, Gom Kora is set on a small alluvial plateau overlooking its beautiful surroundings.

What does its history say?

It was built in 17th century by Minjur Tempa. History says that Bhutan Patron saint Guru Rinpoche meditated in the temple to chase the demon dwelling in a huge black rock and left his body impression.

The beauty of this Dzong…

It consists of a vast number of religious paintings along with the statue of Guru Rinpoche. It is also used as a house for monks.

What to do here?

Local people from the nearby surrounding areas and visitors come here to offer their prayers.

Distance from the Trashigang- 23.1 km

Best time to visit- May to July

3. The Exotic wildlife of Sakteng Sanctuary!!

Perched at an altitude of 4100m, Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the ten protected areas as well as the most visited tourist spot in Trashigang. It is one of the famous national parks in Bhutan for both tourists and locals. The various species and one of the unique features like Yeti are believed to be present here!

Interesting features it boasts…

  • It boasts almost 35 species of rhododendron.
  • Hub of more than 200 species of trees, shrubs, small plants which also includes the medicinal plants.
  • Endangered animal species like Red Panda, Himalayan Black Deer, Musk Deer, Common Leopard, Capped Langur, Jungle Cat, etc.

An area covered- 650 square kilometres

Distance from Trashigang- 39.3km

Best time to visit- March to August

4. Radhi Village- The Rice bowl of East Bhutan!!

Renowned for its fine raw-silk textiles, the Radhi village is one of the most spectacular villages in Trashigang.

Eye-Catching Features it holds…

  • The endless chains of manicured terraces with golden rice plants signify the beauty of the village.
  • The village boasts 200 households.
  • Radhi women are known to be expert & skilled weavers.
  • They use traditional natural dyes to dye the raw-silk and weave it using a traditional loom.

With two-storey houses enclosed with rice fields and daunting mountains stand guard hovering over the village! Sound amazing, right? It is!

  • Best time to visit- Throughout the year

‘If you want to spend some leisure time in Bhutan, these enchanting places to visit in Trashigang will be perfect for you!’

Popular FAQs-

Q. Is there any festival organized in Trashigang Dzong?

A. Yes, the annual festival in Trashigang Dzong is celebrated in the month of October from 7th to 11th day of the Bhutanese calendar every year.

Q. Which are the best hotels in Trashigang?

A. The best hotels to stay in Trashigang are Lingkhar Lodge, Druk Deothjung, Wangchuk Hotel etc where you will get the ultimate comfort.