‘If you are a budget traveler, backpacking in Bhutan is quite feasible in a shoestring budget!’

In Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon, you will get an amazing experience as this serene country is so close to India geographically, yet so different. You will get to explore the culture, food, and religious practices of the country by mingling with the natives there.

After all, is it not that the best way to travel? Of course, Yes!

Essential Tips to Make Note of While Backpacking!!

‘Backpacking in Bhutan is in everyone’s travel bucket list all around the world!’

Whether you’re eating delicious cuisines, trekking to the monasteries or hiking in the mountains, backpacking Bhutan along with affordable vacation packages will always be an adventure. But you will need your wits about you and here are top tips to making your journey as smooth as possible-

Eat Where The Locals Eat

Restaurant meals are often dampened down for the travelers. If you want an authentic dish, follow the locals where they eat. You can also find the busy places here for the delicacies.

Go For Flight Journey

Choose the air-track for your remarkable journey to Bhutan. Bhutan flight network is an excellent way to get around this huge country. You can reach Bhutan very fast via this track.

Agree to A Price Before You Do Anything

When taking a taxi or a cab, hiring a guide, staying in a hotel or going on a tour, always check what you’re expected to pay first. If in a restaurant menu, no prices have mentioned on it, it is advisable to check the cost of food before ordering.

Be Respectful

This is a country with rich cultural heritage and authentic traditions. Please be concern that women should always wear loose-fitting clothing that comes below the knee.

An Apple a Day Won’t Keep The Doctor Away Always

Fruit and vegetables may be washed in untreated water; eat peeled fruit such as bananas, mangoes etc. and avoid raw veg.

Find the Festivals

From huge national holidays to tiny village festivals, there’s always a cultural or religious celebration in Bhutan, often folk songs, masked dance, and striking costumes. If you can fit a festival into your stay, we bet you won’t regret it.

Stay Safe

Although Bhutan is a safe country, it is advisable to avoid carrying large amounts of cash on you and protect your valuables in crowded places. Get a Bhutan SIM card so you can make a call in an emergency.

Try The Street Food

While in Bhutan, you should not miss the street food of Bhutan. Bhutanese people love spicy food. You should definitely try the national dish of Ema Datshi consisting of chili cooked in cheese and also Jasha Maru, Phaksha Paa, Momos, Suja-Butter tea etc.

Note: Make sure you can see the food being prepared in front of you.

Take Earplugs

Earplugs are a basic essential to ensure a memorable journey either in a cab, or noisy hotels.

Go With The Flow

Bhutan can be a challenging place to travel. You will enjoy it to its fullest if you’re open to new experiences and can accept the unpredictable things will happen every day.

Now, Lookout for Bhutan’s Interesting Features

  • International Airport– Paro International Airport
  • Best Time to Visit– October to February
  • Astonishing Places to Explore– Thimphu, Punakha, Paro, Gangtey, Trongsa, Bumthang etc
  • Enthralling Activities To Do– Trekking, River-Rafting, Mountain Biking, Paragliding, etc
  • Cozy Hotels to Stay– Taj Tashi, Uma by COMO, Dhensa Boutique Resort, Le Meridien, Zhiwa Ling etc
  • Famous Restaurants to Eat– Sonam Trophel Restaurant, Zombala, Babesa Village Restaurant, San Maru Restaurant etc

A trip of backpacking in Bhutan is all you need to set your life in perspective with comfort. Make sure to spend some spectacular moment among the warmest and friendly locals.