Bhutan is the country that shares happiness and spiritual hymns to the rest of the world. This country is considered as one of the beautiful countries in the world. Visiting Bhutan is like exploring those hidden treasures that satisfy the mind and soul. Captivating landscapes and lush green valleys, with the glittering lakes, attracts people to spend a few days in this country that maintains the tradition and culture with the development in the modern sectors. There are some secret places in Bhutan, we will discuss here.

 The government comes with the philosophy of ‘Gross National Happiness’ to make sure that everyone must be happy to work for the development of the country rather than thinking about the GDP though the GDP rate is quite good in the country. If you are looking for an amazing vacation by getting closer to nature then Bhutan is the best option for you to make your trip desirable. Let’s focus on some of the secret places to visit in this Kingdom of Thunder Dragon.

Secret Places in Bhutan you must visit

Nature lovers hold a strong connection with this country and to its places to rejuvenate the mind completely. You can find this place perfect by sightseeing experiences and learning more about culture and tradition. Monasteries, Dzongs, Chorten, restaurant and secret places in Bhutan make you feel the difference. Travel enthusiast believes that there are still some lesser-known places left in this country which are waiting to get discovered. Here, we like to highlight some of the secret places in Bhutan that are not so common within people but need to visit once in your lifetime.

Lama Tshering Dorji General Shop, Paro

General Shop, Paro

 Bhutan shares a strong relationship with its culture and tradition where 75% of the population practice Buddhism which makes them so polite and happy from inside. Visiting Lama Tshering Dorji’s Shop will give you an amazing experience. The monk is engaged in selling some of the traditional items like amulets, divination dice, prayer flags, incense, statuary, and butter lamps. Each of these items will surely attract you and gives you the reason to add them on your buying list. You can also find some of the nonreligious items such as khuru darts and bamboo arrows.

Kila Nunnery, Paro

Peace comes with meditation and finally gives you the way to find the answers to every question. Buddhism teaches the importance of meditation and how to solve the problems that come in one’s life. Kila Nunnery is the place where you will find peace and inner satisfaction at the same time with the breathtaking views of mountains all around. Kila Nunnery was established in the 9th century and known to be the oldest nunnery in Bhutan. In this nunnery 50 nuns pursue higher studies in Buddhism and considered to be a must-visit place for its serenity and traditional architecture. 

Champaca Cafe, Paro

Champaca Cafe, Paro

Refreshment is really necessary after having a long day sightseeing experience. There is nothing better than going for a cup of coffee with your special friend or family. Champaca Cafe is a popular cafe in Paro that serves yummy and delicious food along with snacks, coffee, and beverages. This small cafe offers you a lot and is a perfect place for passing a good time with your loved one. The artistic and creative ambiance of this place will make you feel better. Champaca cafe also offers free Wi-Fi and board games to their guests.

Philatelic Bureau, Thimphu

You might wonder that how can be a post office becomes a tourist place. But this post office in the capital of Bhutan is somehow different and interesting for a person who loves to collect stamps. Stamp collectors will enjoy this place getting the option where they can make stamps with their photographs. Yes, you are getting it right; here you can make stamps with your own choice to gift your friends or to keep them in your collection. Apart from this, you can buy a bunch of postcards if needed.

Phobjikha Valley

Places in Bhutan

Phobjhika Valley is situated on the slopes of Black Mountain and is considered as an ideal place for bird lovers. Black-necked cranes spend winters here and the place lies in the border of Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park. Along with Black-necked cranes, you will also find mammals and birds in this place which makes it one of the popular wildlife sanctuaries in Bhutan. Spending time in this valley makes you feel better in every term. You can also find Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Red Foxes, and Leopard.

Haa Valley

You can’t stay away from tradition and culture when you are in Bhutan. Haa Valley shares its history with the rich culture and heritage of Bhutan being a traditional home for the famous Dorji family. Haa Valley is a paradise on earth and looks beautiful in every season. The region adjoins three districts of Samtse, Paro, and Chukha. Mesmerizing landscapes and scenic beauty of the place wins everyone’s heart. Every year in July, the Haa summer festival is celebrated in this region.



If you are wishing to visit the unexplored region in Bhutan then Lheunste should be on your list. This place was once home to Bhutan’s Royal family and is better known for rugged mountains, spectacular views, verdant forests, and magnificent cliffs. This place is counted among the top-secret places in Bhutan so exploring this piece of land will introduce you with so many hidden paradises. 

National Handloom Development Project

Let’s go closer to the tradition by witnessing the techniques used in weaving fabrics. This project is operated by the National Women’s Association of Bhutan and outsources to more than 400 villages to create the beautiful hand-woven fabric with traditional patterns and finally sold them in Paro, Thimphu, and Bumthang. You can experience the traditional method used in their weaving and can also learn about the procedure used in making natural dyes.


Places in Bhutan

Mongar is a small district of Bhutan which is located on the road between Thimphu and Trashigang and is home to some of the newest Dzongs. These Dongs are constructed in a traditional style without using any nails and drawings. In addition to these, you can also find scenic beauty and a temple known as Yagang Lhakhang which is famous for treasures, masks, musical instruments and artifacts of great historical value.


Samtse is quite interesting and a bit different from other places in Bhutan as the region is dominated by Nepalese. The majority of people in Samtse practices Hinduism and shares their unique story. You will find friendly and innocent people over there who are eagerly helping you to know more about them. This unique part of Bhutan is a secret destination for any traveler who loves to discover new things.

History, culture, and tradition of Bhutan make this country different from other countries in the world. Bhutan is the first carbon-negative and fully organic country which sets an example for others to come out with the change. Exploring Bhutan is the best gift for any traveler in terms of visiting these secret places.