The kingdom of Bhutan is the most magical country which is filled with ancient cultures, beautiful landscapes, and magnificent architectures.

It is one of the world’s most beautiful and mysterious places which can be explored only by visiting it. This little Himalayan kingdom is stretched from subtropical valleys to the snow-capped mountain ranges. Moreover, it has become of the famous tourist destination for adventurers, spiritual tour and serene ambiance.

Why travel to Bhutan?

We all know that Bhutan is the last remaining Himalayan kingdom, but this is not enough to know about Bhutan.

To get a better insight with our Bhutan sightseeing packages it is also necessary to know the real reason of calling Bhutan the Land of Thunder Dragon:

  • The country offers a variety of landscapes
  • It has an incredible array of flora and fauna
  • This country is filled with extraordinary culture and tradition
  • Several mountain passes, prayer flags, and prayer wheels
  • It is occupied with many unique wildlife species

Oh, wait!! Before you enjoy the magic of this kingdom there are some interesting facts for you to know.

So let us help you in knowing the facts of Bhutan with our Bhutan budget tour package to make your Bhutan trip more memorable.

1-Bhutan is a landlocked country:

This small Himalayan kingdom is one of the 43 landlocked countries in the world. It is also half of the size of the state of Indiana.

2- The national animal is the most unlike thing to be seen:

A type of furry-goat antelope is found in Bhutan which is a native to the grassy hills and valleys of the Himalayas.

3- It is the land of the Thunder Dragon:

The word Bhutan has been translated to the land of Thunder Dragon. It earned its name from the leaders of Druk Gyalpo who were known as thunder dragon kings.

4- Thimphu has no traffic lights:

It is one of the two capital cities in Asia that does not have traffic lights. A public protest was held previously while putting one single signal but later it was removed and replaces with a traffic officer.

5- It is declared as a no smoking country:

Bhutan is the only country which has banned the smoking and selling of tobacco. People are also fined if found with tobacco in any place or any form.

6- No killing of black-necked cranes:

Cranes are considered sacred and they are not allowed to be killed by any person. If anybody is found guilty of killing cranes then they are sentenced for life in prison.

7- The last country to introduce television:

The country was banned from watching television. Recently it has introduced television to its people and is considered to be the last country.

8- It is a carbon negative country:

Bhutan is committed to preserving their environment, its use of hydroelectricity and the lush green forests. These make this country surely a carbon negative country.

9- Everyone should wear the national dress:

Bhutan seems like a cultural village. It is because every person must wear their traditional dress for school or any other official or traditional occasions.

10- The happiness is the ultimate truth:

The term happiness is one of Bhutan’s truths which create fame and prosperity. It is a way of measuring the success and happiness of the country rather than the Gross Domestic Product.

Get ready to know more about Bhutan

After knowing these facts, it is must to visit Bhutan once in your lifetime to have some beautiful memories to remember upon. Also, if you have visited then it is sure for you to like this nation the most in this world.