With such a wide variety of landscape and geographical features, the places in Bhutan have a unique charm in itself.

Being landlocked by countries and having such a variety of culture that you can almost see everywhere in Bhutan will shock you. The mix of ethnicities and most probably the delicious cuisines of Bhutan will surely make you fall in love with this country.

Bhutanese foods that are a must try

It is rightly said that Bhutan is a magical country which will attract you to visit this country once in your lifetime. But one among them is the cuisines which are the most exciting part of their country.

Considered among the most traditional cooking styles in the world, Bhutanese cuisines is one which you must not miss while booking Bhutan vacation packages.

1- Ema Datshi:

If there is one national dish of Bhutan then this is it. It seems like if you haven’t eaten this dish then you have not visited Bhutan. Moreover, it is genuine that Bhutanese food cannot just pass away without the mention of Ema Datshi.

Place to eat: The Place in Chang Lam, Thimphu

2- Jasha Maroo:

It is another dish which is worth tasting and cannot be missed while visiting Bhutan. It is a spicy dish which is made with chicken and a mixture of spices. You can also use beef instead of chicken. Also, it is one of the most favorite dishes of the people of Bhutan.

Place to eat: San Maru Restaurant in Norzin Lam, Thimphu

3- Phaksha Paa:

It is a dish which needs a great compliment which is best made with pork. It has highlighted to be the most favorite dish for Bhutanese people. It is true that besides yak and beef, pork has too made a small place in the hearts of the Bhutanese people.

Place to eat: Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant in Pedzo Lam, Thimphu

4- Suja

Tea usually is not drunk by the Bhutanese people but in a completely different way. The locals mostly drink butter tea which is found to be quite comforting during the cold season. It is a drink which tastes like butter more than tea and is also tasted in Nepal and Tibet.

Place to eat: All over Bhutan

5- Zow Shungo

The term ‘Zow’ means splendid and it is the most popular dish among the people of Bhutan. It is made from the vegetable which gets left or about to be thrown and proves to be a healthy option for some.

Place to eat: Baan Thai in Norzin Lam, Thimphu

6- Jaju Soup

It is a traditional Bhutanese soup, which is mainly made with vegetables. Milk, butter and even cheese are also added sometimes to make it tastier and healthier enough to taste.

Place to eat: All over Bhutan

7- Puta

Puta is the Bhutanese noodles
Image Courtesy: Chopsticks and Marrow

Puta is the Bhutanese noodles that are found everywhere you go in Bhutan. It is so popular that it is found in every restaurant and it is liked a lot by the Bhutanese people. It is generally cooked liked the regular noodles and it is a tasty dish to fill your stomach.

Place to eat: Sonam Trophel, Paro, Bhutan

8- Khur-Le:

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It is a traditional Bhutanese breakfast which is ideal for cold climates. It is made in the form of a pancake and serves as a good combination with other Bhutanese dishes. It is also considered as the best snack for its spongy texture and filling.

Place to eat: Babesa Village restaurant, Thimphu, Bhutan

9- Hoentay:

It is an alternative to the famous dish of momos. Hoentay has originated from the Haa Valley in Bhutan and is made from the Bhutanese buckwheat. It is also fried with stuffings of green leafy vegetables or meat.

Place to eat: Bhutan Orchid, Thimphu, Bhutan

10- Goep:

Image result for Goep
Image Courtesy: Migrationology.com

Even though almost all Asian countries once relished it but now the popularity is almost fading away. But Bhutanese people have not let this dish go away from their cuisine list. It is a tripe dish made with vegetable and spices are added according to the taste.

Place to eat: All over Bhutan

Ready to travel to Bhutan?

Now that you have a complete guide of all the Bhutanese cuisines for you to try, then hurry up. Book your travel through the best Bhutan tourism packages from India to visit the magical country of myths and mountains.